About amandalaurenphoto

Throughout my life I have felt misunderstood, in fact, I dont think I even understood me. The past four years I have really been in a self discovery season of life, and even went through an inner healing program. I have learned more about who I really am and who I am not in the past four years than in all my life... its happened through inner healing, moving away from the home, navigating through confusing life circumstances, lots of prayer, and its happened through 2 years of marriageI I find now, IM becoming who IM really meant to be because IM not pretending to be someone "acceptable" to other gain the approval of man... I have always struggled with the answer to the question, "am I worthy of love?" My name means, "worthy of love," and although it be a bargain basement name now, Amanda, the meaning has had much significance to me throughout my life as a reminder that," yes I am." Which is why I chose the name loveworthy for my photography...I know I am just starting out, but it has been something I have wanted to do since highschool, so I am finally returning to that desire...so far it really represents hope, hope that I can one day live off of something I enjoy...dont we all need that!