Born in Georgia, raised in Texas, I am a southern girl at heart, even when I attempt to be artsy, urban and sophisticated. I long to run wild, climb trees, hunt for bird eggs, kayak in boyous, ride dirt bikes and swim in lakes! I am ADD and cant keep my brain on one thing at a time for very long…unless IM really interested… in which case story telling through photography really works for me! I just bought my first DSLR and although its proven to be complicated, I see it asa tool to creative freedom I long to embrace to the greatest capacity! All my life I have struggled with the answer to one question, am I, “Worthy of love,” and although, Amanda, is a bargain basement name these days, the meaning of it has always served as a constant reminder that, yes, “I am worthy of love,” which is the meaning of my name, I know God put it in the hearts of my parents for this reason…and so LOVEWORTHY seemed like the perfect name for something I love, photography.


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